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Our objective is to produce consistently high-quality wines for consumers by combining taste, experience, and modern technology. Wines of the greatest caliber can only be produced in vineyards that are robust, balanced,
and well-maintained.

All Wine Making

Our services are centered on your demands and may cover all areas of winemaking and cellaring, from choices made in the vineyard to maximize fruit quality through the wine-drinking experience for consumers. Come view all of our unique metal wall art and enjoy some wine.

Red Wines

Dark-colored grape types are used to make red wine, a particular sort of wine. The wine's hue can range from a deep violet that is typical of young wines to brick red and brown for older red wines.

White Wines

White wine is a transparent or light golden-colored alcoholic beverage that is often produced from grapes with light peel. The non-colored pulp of grapes is fermented into white wine using alcohol.

Fruit Wines

Other than grapes, other fruits can also be used to make fruit wines, which are fermented alcoholic beverages that can also include tastes from other fruits, flowers, and herbs.

Simplest Beer Making

To maintain complete traceability of every winery operation, we use a software system. Best production techniques are used in our winery and cellar operations to focus on essential quality standards for both internal and external customers. The founders of the company were originally in the junk removal business, so they know how to put all of the proper logistics in place.

Brew Your Own Bottling & Kegging

When you invest in Strange Brewing, you put our extensive knowledge of the wine industry and our practical expertise to work for you, assisting you in your pursuit of excellence in vineyard operations.

Satisfied Customers

"I've used Strange Brewing for almost 10 years and have always been satisfied with them. They are a really helpful company that is always prepared to help and advice with the brewing and giving recommendations on their products."

Mary S. Martin

"Excellent service and quick delivery. I have utilized them frequently and have always been pleased with the service. Simple to prepare and store with no problems. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Robert C. Ray

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Strange Brewing can assist you whether you're seeking for expert winemaking services or knowledgeable consulting services for your own vineyard and winemaking operation.

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