How to Make the Tastiest Wine at Home

Tastiest Wine

The winemaking story started with a happy accident of mixing grapes with yeast! In theory, it sounds simple, just allowing nature to do its job, but to get the best-tasting wine, it is essential to ensure a systematic process is followed.

Winemaking is both sense and art, which, when followed rightly, gives you the best-tasting wine, and you will never buy a bottle again.

Process of homemade wine

The process demands the use of several inexpensive, clean pieces of equipments and a lot of patience. While making wine, waiting for it to ferment is the hardest part of it all!

The types of equipment needed are:

  • Food grade, good quality plastic bucket which will serve as the primary fermentation can
  • Glass jugs which are used as the secondary fermentation containers
  • A neatly washed funnel that fits into the glass bottles
  • Three or more fermentation caps or airlocks
  • A rubber cork that fits into the secondary fermentation can
  • Straining bag or nylon mesh
  • Half-inch plastic tubing
  • Wine bottles
  • Pre sanitized corks
  • Hydrometer to check the sugar levels
  • Hand corker
  • Granulated sugar
  • Filtered water
  • Wine years
  • Tons of wine grapes

wine grapes


  • Firstly, ensure all the equipment is neatly washed and sanitized.
  • Pick out the rotten and peculiar-looking grapes from the lot, use only the ones suitable for use, and carefully remove their stems.
  • Crush the grapes to remove all the juices from them. You can do it either by crushing with your hands, stomping with your foot, or even renting a fruit press.
  • Add wine yeast to the crushed grapes.
  • Insert a hydrometer. If the mark is less than 1.010, add the granulated sugar, which will help in boosting the alcohol levels and give it a good stir.
  • Pour them into a fermentation bucket and cover them with a cloth. Allow it to rest for a minimum of 10 days.
  • Once done, strain to remove foam and sediment with the use of a nylon mesh or a well-cleaned strainer.
  • Pour the liquid into a secondary fermentation container, cover it with airlocks, and let it settle for several weeks.
  • Use the plastic t-tubes to strain out and segregate the sediment and wine ferments and continue this process for the next 2-3 months.
  • Once done, run the remaining liquid in wine bottles and cover them with a cork. If you want to mark each bottle you can use a stencil from
  • Allow it to settle upright for at least three days and five days sideways.
  • The number of days for the last process can drastically differ for red wine and white wine.
  • Enjoy once done!
How to Make the Tastiest Wine at Home

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